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10" Spathiphyllum

10" Spathiphyllum

SKU: 364115376135191

Friendship Foliage specializes in growing the highest quality Spathiphyllum, or “peace lily” plants. Their peace lilies are shipped directly from the shade house in a well-prepared, secure package. Peace lilies have beautiful dark green leaves with unique venation. White blooms rise above the leaves at different times throughout the year. A peace lily is the perfect plant for any occasion. One can add a natural, clean, relaxing feel to any area in a home, office, lobby, etc. with this plant. Scientific evidence proves peace lilies help to filter the air too. These plants thrive in indoor and outdoor settings, as long as the plant is covered with shade. Peace lilies cannot survive direct sunlight, but they thrive when placed in an area inside where it can get natural light.


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